The Youtube Channels You’ve Been Missing Out On

Overworked and need a break? YouTube videos are a great way to unwind without feeling like you’re wasting your time; they allow you to be entertained while also learning about whatever area you are interested in. Plus, you'll barely have to sacrifice any time — these videos range from eight to 18 minutes that you otherwise probably would have spent pointlessly scrolling through Instagram. Let’s be real here.

1. Lauren Elizabeth

Probably one of the best YouTube personalities. Ever. She is so relatable yet so motivated and passionate. Her style is amazing; trust me, you’ll want to take notes. She links all of her outfits in the description box, so her channel truly is a fashion destination. Lauren’s videos range from daily vlogs to DIY fancy cheese platters. What I love about her channel is how authentic she is. It can be hard to show your true self in front of the camera without looking staged or rehearsed, but Lauren really pulls it off. She also has a brand new podcast called “Mood”, which is so fitting because we definitely see all of Lauren’s different moods through her vlogs. Overall, Lauren projects a lot of positivity and humor. You definitely do not want to miss out on this one!

2. How to Cake It

Are you into cake decorating? I wasn’t either, don’t worry. But Yolanda Gampp’s channel “How To Cake It” is seriously fascinating. She isn’t a simple cake decorator; she constructs real-looking objects out of cake. I find it oddly soothing to watch her perfect cuts and seamless frostings. This channel provokes creativity on another level. Yolanda’s humorous yet perfectionist character makes her so easy and interesting to watch. And honestly, her end results are pretty crazy. 

3. Alisha Marie

Alisha is a true “influencer,” but what I love about her is that there is more to her beneath the surface. I’ve been subscribed to her since 2014 and I can attest that her channel has gone full circle. She started out as the epitome of a basic YouTuber. From “Black Friday Hauls” to “What’s in My Purse,” Alisha conformed to the norms of YouTubers in 2014. Her channel has truly grown and now you can find really insightful videos that I personally really learn from. One of my favorites was a video about “the business side of YouTube” where Alisha uncovered secrets about being a YouTuber and influencer. But don’t worry, she still has you covered with fun videos like vlogs and Target hauls. Do yourself a favor and check her out.

4. The LaBrant Fam

If you’re looking for feel-good videos to take a break with, I think this might be your new favorite channel. Cole and Savannah LaBrant are married with two of the most adorable kids ever, Everleigh and Posie. Cole and Sav take you through their everyday life from family vacations to weeknights in their homes; this channel gives you a glimpse into a young and lively family’s life. I really enjoy seeing their day-to-day schedules. As a former famous Viner, Cole really knows how to give you some good laughs with his humorous editing skills. This channel is such a great way to take you out of a bad mood and put you at ease. Check it out the next time you keep a pick-me-up!

5. Architectural Digest

Okay, this channel may seem out of place but bear with me — I think this one is suitable for almost anyone. This channel is so easy to get sucked into, but I specifically want to mention their “Open Door” series. “Open Door” is where Architectural Digest goes to a celebrity’s home and has them give you a walk-in tour. The reason I love this as opposed to merely seeing photos is that the celebrity will point out specific features of each room and tell you about the meaning behind it. Even if you have a minimal appreciation for art or interior design, I think anyone can appreciate this channel. So go ahead, exit your comfort zone and you may just find your new favorite channel.

YouTube is a great, no-commitment escape from stress. The best part? You won’t feel guilty about indulging in these videos because they all have something to teach and they’re shorter than your average Netflix show. Head over to YouTube and try out some of these videos!